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What feels like a lifetime ago, I used to compile lists here on the blog delineating my current favorites. Being the occasional blogger that I was, I ended up phasing those posts out, but seeing as these are turning out to be my favorite posts to read on other blogs I felt a need to bring them back. Every Friday I shall be including a list of movies, books and other fancies which I would have found to be entertaining or in some way, amusing. Here's this weeks pleasures.

The Christmas Season

It is now (finally) socially acceptable to be enthusiastic about Christmas in public. The decorations and gift sets have made their appearance in stores and chocolatiers are adorning their shop windows with delectable advent calendars and festive editions. The season to be officially jolly has arrived and with it the several (jolly) conundrums- which gifts to get, whether the new decorations could fit in nicely, when to dispatch the greeting cards and so on. The older I get, the more enthusiastic I'm getting about the festive season and the excitement in this household is palpable. 

With the festivities in sight, a number of brands have already released festive sleepwear. I'm loving Etam's range this season and will dedicate a post specifically to that very soon. 

I'm currently reading this book by Ann Mah and if like me you too are a francophile you will enjoy this one. Mah recounts her experience while living in Paris when her husband was sent on an Assignment in the city. She had to spend a year on her own in Paris when her husband was given another assignment in Baghdad and she thus recounts her experience in filling her days hunting down France's traditional recipes. Mah does a good job in providing a concise history of the origins of specific dishes of particular regions in France. 

I love sipping green tea at various intervanls during the day and this one has been a favorite. This has been a recent find as I wanted to try something different from this brand which I terribly enjoy. This green tea is composed of citrus and fruity notes. The lemongrass is dominant and I tend to favor those teas in which it does.

Game- Lego Harry Potter for PS4

I'm not ashamed to claim I'm a Potterhead. I've read the first installment way back when I was circa 12 years old, when it first came out and have followed the series ever since. Admittedly I also like (some) video games and enjoyed the first installment of the Lego Harry Potter edition back on the PS3. Following the switch to the PS4, I realized there was no Lego HP available on this console. However, probably thanks to the wizarding world revival induced by the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the two installments of the Lego Harry Potter game have been released in one edition for the latest platform. 

I love the brand and am always trying out something new. I recently got the night oil from the Polyphenol range which I had never tested before and have been using it religiously every evening after applying toner. This dry oil has been a pleasure to use so far. This night oil is aimed at repairing the skin and doesn't contain any parabens. I have combination skin and this makes my skin feel smoother and doesn't feel heavy at all.

Dior have recently released a new extensive range of lipsticks in different finishes. The range wasn't fully available at my closest counters and Sephoras' but I have been able to have a look at most of the lipsticks available. I love a good matte formula and loved a good red shade, but while most of the lipsticks seem to be available in red hues I ended up picking the shade in 897, Mysterious Matte. This one is a pinkish-plum hue that hasn't been drying at all. It has the standard Dior lipstick scent  and is encased in  gorgeous packaging. 

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