Longchamp Purchases & Current Collection

I've been loving Longchamp lately and ever since I got this special release back in February this year I wanted to update a bit my collection which had most certainly seen better days.

This was a limited edition release I blogged about here. It is no longer available but may pop up in outlet stores. I love the detachable pin and the embroidered phrases!

Yet again this is another limited release for the past summer. 

This is the Le Pliage Neo in black and it is what I'm currently using as a travel tote. The size is great to carry on airplanes as a shoulder bag and the dark shade is undoubtley practical for travel. I love the neoprene range and the different array of colours available each season. The black is available throughout the whole year. This size doesn't come with a strap but the smaller ones from the same range do.

Despite being a lover of gold hardware I love the variety of hardware the le pliage come in. The neoprene range features exclusively silver hardware whereas the classic le pliage features gold hardware. Limited edition releases feature different hardware and leather trim colours, depending on the bag in question.

I'm aware that details are hardly visible in the video so I'm posting pictures here. 

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