Louis Vuitton Alma PM in Epi leather

Around a month ago I got this Louis Vuitton Alma in epi leather. The size is PM and the colour is hot pink. As I mentioned on my channel I originally sought out the vernis alma in the shade amarante but for some reason it didn't tickle my fancy that much when I tried it on. This is my first epi leather piece and I'm smitten! I love how subtle it is and how durable and chic it looks. Why didn't I have a look at epi before? 

Most of the time I'm attracted to larger bags but this size is perfect on my 5'6 frame. Despite not being a large bag this one holds a ton, figuratively speaking! I didn't purchase the strap as I wanted to try it out without having a strap first. I've used it a couple of times and so far loved how it looks and feels without a strap. I did get a quirky porcupine charm from Furla and a Louis Vuitton bandeau scarf to wrap around one handle to make it a bit more fun.

The epi leather almas come exclusively in silver hardware and features 4 feet on the bottom. It has two zipper pulls on the same zip and comes equipped with one lock. On the inside it features microfiber lining and two side pockets.

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Longchamp Purchases & Current Collection

I've been loving Longchamp lately and ever since I got this special release back in February this year I wanted to update a bit my collection which had most certainly seen better days.

This was a limited edition release I blogged about here. It is no longer available but may pop up in outlet stores. I love the detachable pin and the embroidered phrases!

Yet again this is another limited release for the past summer. 

This is the Le Pliage Neo in black and it is what I'm currently using as a travel tote. The size is great to carry on airplanes as a shoulder bag and the dark shade is undoubtley practical for travel. I love the neoprene range and the different array of colours available each season. The black is available throughout the whole year. This size doesn't come with a strap but the smaller ones from the same range do.

Despite being a lover of gold hardware I love the variety of hardware the le pliage come in. The neoprene range features exclusively silver hardware whereas the classic le pliage features gold hardware. Limited edition releases feature different hardware and leather trim colours, depending on the bag in question.

I'm aware that details are hardly visible in the video so I'm posting pictures here. 

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Fall Wishlist

It's officially fall today so what better way to start off the season than to sort out and update the next few months wardrobe. I've been meaning to start a capsule wardrobe project and have been slowly working towards that goal. Planning the items I truly require is key and this wishlist is pretty much what I plan, or at least try my best to focus on this season. 

I always seem to gravitate on accessories more than garments and this season is no exception. I've been eyeing the Tory Burch Perry tote for a while now and have been waiting for the release of a shade that I love and this might be the one. This french gray version has a dark peony coloured interior which makes it also a perfect combination to use during the summer months. I have also been eyeing this necklace by Tiffany's for a while and just love how dainty and classic it looks. A necklace may not necessarily be a desired item for fall but I just love how delicate necklaces look when they pop out of chunky sweaters.

Another perfume is the last thing that I need but this Dark Amber and Ginger Lily scent smells great and has that depth to it that makes it perfect for fall and winter. I haven't tried the Jo Malone's colognes yet so this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

I've been looking for the perfect neutral scarf and have been longing to get the Burberry cashmere nude scarf,  however, this one in particular seems to fit the bill, despite it not being cashmere, I love that it has an ombre effect making it a much more interesting take on the average scarf. 
I've been trying to focus on footwear lately. I have recently acquired the Repetto Bridgitte flats in black patent and have been loving them (now that I broke them though!) and am thus considering getting the nude patent ones. These will look fantastic in the warmer months but can easily be worn throughout winter as well with the help of some thick hosiery. I've also been eyeing the Stuart Weitzman boots for the past couple of years and even though I'm not entirely convinced whether I should shell out for overknee boots despite it being very tempting. I'm all for investing in classics so truthfully this cheaper version by Zara might be just fine. 

I'm a Wolford girl through and through but have lately been curious about the brand Commando. As much as I love novelty tights you just can't beat a pair of black opaque hosiery to take you through the season. Speaking of Wolford I've been eyeing this body for a number of years and am always hesitant to purchase. However I think this one's a basic staple that could see me through seasons and should be an excellent garment for a capsule wardrobe. 

I've also been loving shirts lately and this one by Whistles has to take cake n terms of originality. I also like this cheaper alternative by Massimo Dutti. We'll just have to see whether they look good on. Despite owing a couple of black coats I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one. I love anything structured, that can be tied or has a bow and this one, also by Whistles, seems to fit the bill. 

What's on your fall wishlist?
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