How to Improve your Savvy Shopper Skills

With Black Friday only a day away and the holiday season madness just around the corner, shopping can become quite a fuss and shopping blunders are more liable to occur, ending up literally costing us quite a bit. Here's a few pointers to keep in mind.

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1. Quality Reigns Supreme

Do not waiver standards for impulse purchases. Keep in mind quality will always supersede quantity. Watch out for quality garments that will be worth the investment in the long run.

2. Look out for classic and neutral pieces

Investing in classic pieces in neutral shades will ultimately get you more bang for your buck. Classic pieces will lay out the foundation for your wardrobe and aid you in being able to create more outfits.

3. Watch out for the fit

Only get items that fit your lifestyle now. Avoid purchasing clothing that will look better when you loose a couple of pounds. Chances are you will not reach out for them until you really loose those pounds. If you make it kudos to you but focus on getting items that look good and make you feel great right now.

4. Do you really need it?

Avoid buying clothing pieces similar to what you already own, unless you tend to wear similar garments on a  daily basis, as in black blazers. Purchasing a similar dress to one you already own will ultimately mean you will no longer reach out for the other one as often. 

5. Plan out your sales purchases

Clothes bought on discount are normally purchased on a whim.  Prior to the sales make a note of the items you would like to get your hands on and look out for them. Avoid impulse buys.

6. Wear it within one week

How excited you are to don out the new ensemble is quite indicative of whether you will end up wearing it or not. If you haven't worn your purchases during the first week you're still in time to return them.

7. Stay within season

As tempting as it may be, avoid getting clothing that you will not wear this season. Chances are by the time the next season approaches you will no longer be excited about the purchase you made several months ago. Its fit might also have changed and your tastes may have evolved but now it's too late to return them. 

8. Don't forget to declutter

Make it a point to go through your wardrobe every once in a while to declutter and get rid of pieces you either no longer reach out for or even garments that are being worn out. I normally donate any items I no longer use to the Happy Paws Charity shop in Santa Venera. 

Happy Shopping!

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Royal Apothic Hand Cream

I first laid my eyes on this product while browsing SpaceNK in London. The packing was what first drew me in and after I tried the tester I was sold. Later on I discovered this is one of Victoria Beckham's favorite beauty products and it is no secret why.

The scent I picked out is Holland Park.

The formula is light, moisturizing and is easily absorbed. It doesn't feel greasy nor sticky and the floral scent is delicate and not overpowering. I love applying it right before bed. The packing is lovely too, it comes in a vintage looking tube.

The Royal Apothic hand cream range is available at SpaceNK

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This year's best advent calendars

I've always loved advent calendars but alas, mine have always been of the chocolate variety. Today there's a wide array of variety which doubles the fun, ranging from alcoholic ones to beauty calendars. Here's my take on this year's best ones out of the vast selection and ultimately, my pick for this year. 

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1. Yankee Candle/ 2. L'Occitane/ 3. Benefit/ 4. The Body Shop/ 5. Ciate/ 6. Jo Malone

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7. Charlotte Tilbury/ 8. Lindt/ 9. Feel Unique/ 10.Lush/ 11. English Tea Shop/ 12. German Beer/ 13. Coca Cola/ 14. Trixie for Dogs

The one I wanted most out of the bunch was the L'Occitane one, but I was aware it's hard to get at the moment as stock is selling out fast. Nevertheless I got lucky and found it while browsing randomly at L'Occitane. 

Roll on December first!
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Tory Burch Robinson Tote Bag Reveal & Review

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I've had my eye on this tote for a while but never pulled the trigger but when I saw this limited edition shade while in the store in Milan I came to a conclusion that this one was the right pick. I've been using this for a while now. Rose pom pom charm which matches the shade was bought fromt he store Carpisa. Here's my two cents:

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Favorite Fall Lipsticks

Fall is hands down my favorite season of the year. On the other hand lipsticks are my favorite thing to purchase, makeup wise. So when the season changes and fall hits, lipstick choices are one of the first things I eagerly switch up. I love bolder shades and fall is the perfect time to wear these. 

L to R:

MAC: Amorous, Rebel, Diva, Sin, Hot Tahiti

L to R: 

Nars: Charlotte (Audacious), Scarlett Empress, in it's horrible packaging, Damned velvet matte lip pencil, Cruella velevet matte lip pencil, YSL Rouge Volupte in 12


L to R:
MAC: Amorous, Rebel, Diva, Sin, Hot Tahiti

T to B:

Nars: Charlotte (Audacious), Scarlett Empress, in it's horrible packaging, Damned velvet matte lip pencil, Cruella velevet matte lip pencil, YSL Rouge Volupte in 12

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Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet

After missing out on Vuitton's Sarah in Vernis in Griotte I was at a loss when it came to picking out a wallet. While in Paris I tried to hunt down the Sarah in Cerise and alas I found the last one in Paris on Avenue Montaigne. Nonetheless I ended up settling on this one by Saint Laurent instead and I don't regret my decision.

Watch my initial thoughts about this wallet here.

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#OOTD Mono Pop

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Coat- Mango
Shirt- Sisley
Skirt- & Other Stories
Boots- Michael Kors
Bag- Saint Laurent 

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Products I've used up- October Edition

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1. Rituals Pure Rose Rose Oil and Cedar Wood. I love Rituals and when I noticed they carry a line of home diffusers I got my hands on the Pure Rose one. The fragrance was just lovely. I forgot this one's refillable and sadly threw out the diffuser jar. Will surely keep that in mind next time round. The fragrance comes in this lovely cardboard packing which is fantastic for gifting.

2. Klorane Conditioner in Mango Butter. I loved using this during Summer. It's a strong mango scent which I adore. I tend to use this one mostly on my ends as at times it makes my hair weigh a bit down.

3. Le Petite Marseillais Argan oil and Fleur d'oranger shower gel. I don't normally feature this brand's shower gel namely because these are quite standard shower gels but this one in particular took my fancy. It's from the nutrition line and one I will gladly repurchase. It feels silky and lathers up nicer than the brands' regular options. These are dirt cheap too so that's always a bonus.

4. Redken All Soft Shampoo (IPN formula). I love this range from Redken and will repurchase when I decide to stop trying out new hair products. It does what it says on the tub and delivers soft smooth locks that feel lighter after washing.

5. Yankee Candle- Black Plum Blossom. Quite a fruity one which was pleasant to burn but not enticing enough to repurchase.

6. Yankee Candle tarts:

Gingerbread Maple; When I first smelled the large candle jar I thought it might be too strong for my liking, even though I love spicy scents. After I burned this the first time I was wishing I got the large one instead. This one is gorgeous for fall and winter. It delivers that spicy, gourmet scent and is not too heavy as I originally thought it would be. Will most definitely try to get my hands on the jar.

Marocccan Argan Oil; Pleasant, especially the first time I burned the tart, but nothing to write home about.

7. Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine. I've gone through several ones of this scent. It's one of my all time favorites from the brand and will keep on repurchasing. This one is a pleasant white jasmine scent, slightly on the strong side but certainly not invasive.

8. Nuxe Reve De Miel. Being that I love the Reve de Miel range I thought I would be all over this one. This one is intended for dry and sensitive skin. The first time I used this, some of it got into my eyes and boy it burned and itched so much I was already thinking about tossing it out. Nonetheless I gave it another go and the first couple of times I used it I just couldn't get past the heavy honey scent. This was a first for me as I love honey but I found this scent incredibly strong. After several times using it I got used to the scent to the point that it didn't bother me anymore. However the cleanser per se just did its job. I much prefer Nuxe Rose Petal cleanser and will keep on purchasing that one instead.

9. Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This beauty elixir is one of Caudalie's star products.I've gone through a number of bottles of this one but after trying out the brand's grape water (review here) I'm switching sides.

10. Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion. I have reviewed this one here.

11. Avene Thermal Spring Water. This one is raved about endlessly but personally I didn't find it to be anything out of the ordinary. It's just thermal water that I mostly used to spray on my face before running. I've also used this one while travelling to spritz on after flights for hydration.

12. The Body Shop English Dawn White Gardenia Shower Gel. One of my favorite products from the brand. The scent is floral and delicate and lathers up nicely. This one was a limited edition but from time to time it seems to pop up in stores so I always keep an eye out for this range.

13. Tigi S Factor Helath Factor  EMT (single dose). Although this one worked wonders it is not a product that is to be used often as it is a prescriptive salon service intended to help the hair retain its moisture. For that reason I  much prefer using hair masques on a regular basis instead. 

14. Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover. Essentially this is just foam soaked in nail polish remover but it's very practical, especially when travelling as it eliminates to need to carry out cotton balls and polish remover separately.

15. Soap & Glory Daily Smooth body butter. I used to like this one. It is infused with the brand's Mist You Madly's scent. I had the original scent and used that a while ago. The lotion per se fares well. It is not greasy and sinks in quite quickly. It is infused with vanilla, musk, bergamot, blackcurrent and magnolia. I found that the scent lasted quite a while after application. The biggest downside to the this product however is that it isn't paraben free. I only realised this once I had already used up half of it but then once I checked those ingredients I just had to toss. I'm not one to fuss much about the ingredients list but if I can avoid parabens than I gladly will.

16. Lierac Hydra Body Scrub. I am growing quite fond of Lierac. Their products seem to deliver and this one was no exception. The only downside to this was how small the tub is. I used this up relatively quickly. It's quite creamy for a body scrub which was nice but that means you end up using more product. I wouldn't mind repurchasing though.

17. Yankee Candle Midnight Jasmine Electric Refills. I tend to put this on the lightest infusion option and these give off pleasant whiffs of scent. One unit tends to last around 6 weeks.

NARS Sunset Strip. This one's off to the bin before I even get to use it all up. It's a tangerine shade with gold shimmer which I clearly picked up when my preferences were otherworldly. Not a fan of NARS older sticky lipgloss formula either.

MAC Lusterglass in Wonder Struck. Although not big on gloss, MAC's lusterglasses are quite appealing. I just can't deal with the shimmer anymore though so this one's off for Back to Mac.

MAC Lingering eyebrow pencil. This has been one of my go to brow pencils for years and am only now settling on other options. This has been quite practical being in pencil form and the pigmentation was good.

MAC More to Love Pro Longwear Lip Pencil The shade was lovely but the actual product slid out of the pencil tube after only using half of it.

Barry M Nail Paint in 279 bright pink. I quite liked the application but hate how Barry M polishes easily chip. Tossing this one out purely for the colour though. 

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Caudalie Grape Water

In my experience Caudalie has been a hit or miss. I have truly enjoyed some of the brand's products while some others have turned out to be your run of the mill skin care. 

The Grape Water however, is a firm favorite of mine. This one doesn't seem to get much coverage on blogs and often seems that people pass out on this one and opt for the popular Beauty Elixir instead.

The Grape Water is intended to sooth and moisturize. I enjoy refreshing sprays and have tried a few, this being one that I will continue to repurchase. Most refreshing sprays stop at just that, refreshing. This spray however seems to be highly effective to keep my skin calm and hydrated. I have been using this as a toner while other times I have used this as a finishing spray and it has been working wonders both ways. This is one of those products which you can't really pin point out what its doing that is making an impact, but which will lead you to notice a difference when you stop using it for a stretch of time. 

It is paraben free and at 200ml it's quite a steal too. It is available on feelunique
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Saint Laurent Sac De Jour in Oxblood Reveal and Review

I had been considering getting this particular bag for a while and I finally pulled the trigger while I was in Paris. This one has been a dream to carry. The size is just right and while the shade may not be optimal during spring and summer I know I'll get my pennies worth out of this one during the remaining seasons.It's a classic structured piece that will stand the test of time. If you want to know more watch the full review below. 

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#Travel: Trip to Paris

Some weeks ago I was whisked away in Paris to celebrate my birthday and my second visit there has been sensational. With an open schedule I ended up exploring the city way more than I did the first time round. I spent two days hovering around Disneyland Park and the experience was even better than my first. On the second day, despite getting drenched I had some rides almost to myself so queuing up wasn't an issue and this way I ended up getting on every ride I wanted to. The stores got the best of me as expected, especially the Christmas one! On my second day I unexpectedly met Chip and Dale, the only characters I truly wished I'd meet.

Chez Leon

Ponte Alexandre III


Le Fouquet's



Disneyland Frozen Sing along show

Lucky Nugget

  I stayed at the Meridien Etoile Hotel which unlike our first stay there, a couple of years ago, this time started off as a nightmare. It got better but the whole hotel experience left much to be desired. This hotel truly went to the dogs. 

During this trip, it had been my intention to hunt down the Louis Vuitton Sarah wallet in Vernis, most possibly in Cerise. I was bummed I missed out on Griotte and wasn't convinced I should settled on Cerise. Nonetheless, to cut a very long story short, I ended up visiting every LV store in Paris and finally found one at the Avenue Montaigne store. It turned out to be the last one in Paris, and hence, a display item which I refused to purchase solely because I'm picky like that and picked up something else from another store instead.

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