#Travel Trip to Montreux

Montreux is simply outstanding. The views, the tranquility, I enjoyed every minute there. Sadly I came close but just didn't make it to the Chateau de Chillon. Next time round I'll be sure to cross that off my bucket list.

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Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

Liz Earle products hardly disappoint so when it comes to try out new products from their range I don't hesitate. I had purchased this soothing eye lotion and am now almost done with it. I had never tried any similar product that is intended solely to brighten up the eye area. Yes, we all have heard and tried eye creams but this one, in liquid form with active ingredients is an interesting concept. 

It aims to clean and revitalize the eye area, and that is what it truly does. I apply this on a cotton pad and gently press over my closed eyelids and lashes. The result feels fresh and bright and as such I have been using it not only as part of my skincare routine but also prior to my morning runs, before I've actually had the chance to cleanse my face. It manages to truly make me look and feel like I've had more sleep. A little goes a long way and the bottle will last. I also got my hands on the travel sized version which is handy to use while on trips. 

It is non oily and also ideal for contact lens wearers. It is available on Liz Earle
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#Travel Trip to Milan

I visited Milan for the first time a while ago and had such a fantastic time. Being the bag obsessed that I am I couldn't help notice (and very much appreciate) that this has been the only city I ever visited in my life where staff at restaurants actually provided ways to not let you put your bag on the floor (hooks, crates, the works). Well, I guess if there had to be one city to do that it just had to be Milan. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe in Milan. And the hundred and one gelatos didn't hurt either. 

Where I stayed: I stayed at the Excelsior Hotel Gallia which is located on Piazza Duca D'Aosta, close to the train station and may thus not sound as appealing. However since we were travelling by train and were constantly using the metro around the city its position turned out to be fantastic as the station is just across the street. The hotel is impeccable from its design to the room facilities (cue the Nespresso machine and the million and one light features by the nightstand). The food per se (as in-room service) was nothing to write home about but I had the best tiramisu I've ever had . Seriously, no other comes close. Bravo!

Places to visit: The Duomo and the Galleria are a no brainer. Castello Sforzesco and its Pinoteca was quite the sight. For not being a football fan. visiting San Siro went down a treat. 

Where I ate best: I really enjoyed Ta Hua, enough to warrant a second visit which is normally unheard of in my books while I'm on holiday in a city I've never been before. This place serves Hong Kong cuisine and was jam packed both nights so make reservations. Caffe Martini on Via Mercanti was great for drinks and people watching. La Locanda del Gatto Rosso deserves a mention for having the sweetest host, a man who remembered us throughout our whole stay in Milan and made sure to salute us even from across the Galleria, each time he saw us. 

Highlights: The Teatro alla Scala is outstanding. Should I revisit Milan I'll make sure to schedule enough time to attend a performance. 

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MAC Cosmetics Show Down

With MAC Cosmetics recently opening in Malta I thought I'd share my all time MAC favorites. Granted, I haven't tried every product MAC released over the years, but I've been loving MAC for around 8 years now and I have to admit the allure of the collections was what initially hooked me up. Although, during the years I have branched out to other brands and have settled on other key staples, some particular products from MAC will always have my green light.

  • MAC Fix + 

I first got this spray with the idea of it helping the makeup to last longer. . I use this one after the face is done simply to help avoid any deposit of powder products that may be visible and it does a fantastic job at that. I personally do think it helps makeup last longer. Urban Decay all nighter setting spray does a much job at that.With strobing being the it technique right now this is splendid to use to help you get more of a dewy glow. I've gone through bottles of this product and will keep on purchasing until the day I find a better one.

  • MAC lipsticks 

Through the years I tried and tested MAC's lipstick formulas and the formulas I truly ended up enjoying the most have been the satin, amplified and matte.
My favorites include: Rebel (satin), Russian Red (matte) Girl About Town (amplified) Diva (matte) and Ruby Woo (retro matte)

L to R: Girl About Town, Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Diva, Rebel

T to B: Rebel, Diva, Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Girl About Town

Other notable lip products: Patentpolish lip pencil in Kittenish. Similar to my all time favorite lip product (Nars lip pencils) the patentpolish provides a slightly shiny, more of a juicy finish, that is not as sticky and shiny as a lip gloss and isn't drying.

  • MAC Blushes in Harmony & Sea Me Hear Me

A blush which I ended up loving more that their actual contour powder is the Harmony (matte) blush. It is actually a blush but the slight brown tone makes this one perfect to use as for contouring.
Sea Me Hear Me (extra dimension blush) was a limited edition and thus no longer available in stores. However this deserves a mention as this is hands down my favorite all time blush from MAC. Everything from packing, pigmentation and lasting power excels all blushes I tried by the brand.

L-R: Harmony, Sea Me Hear Me
L-R: Harmony, Sea Me Hear Me

Other notable mention: Desert Rose (matte)

Desert Rose (Left)

  • MAC Lipliners in Beet, Nightingale and Cherry
MAC regular lipliners are fantastic. These three are my most used and loved.

L to R: Cherry, Beet, Nightingale

  • Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle & Stereo Rose
Soft and Gentle has been one of my ultimate favorite products from MAC. It's the perfect non excessive highlighter to wear on a daily basis.
Unfortunaley Stereo Rose was a highly coveted limited edition MSF and I ws lucky enough to grab one while I could. This is oneI tend to use a glowy blush rather than just as a highligh. If you ever come across this one give it a go!

Stereo Rose & Soft and Gentle

L to R: Soft and Gentle, Stereo Rose
  • Eyeshadows in Omega, Brown Down & Satin Taupe
Palettes from limited edition collections are the best way to try out eye shadows and get familiar with which finishes you end up liking best.

Omega is my all time favorite from MAC. I've gone trough pans of this one over the years and apart from using it as an eye shadow back in the day I also used this to fill in my brows and it works wonders for brunettes.

L to R: Satin Taupe, Brown Down, Omega

  • Makeup Brushes
MAC brushes had been my favorites and over the years managed to get my hands on a few. I will be doing a separate post about those brushes. 

What are your favorite MAC products? I'd love to hear!
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