Love, Want, Need- May Picks

Now that finally Spring is in full swing and the flowers are blooming and the heat can be slightly felt, the excitement for a seasonal change is truly hitting home.

1. Jo Malone Plum Blossom & Sakura Cherry Blossom from the Blue Skies and Blossoms collection. I got to smell the three new perfumes and these two take the cake. Perfect for the Spring the two are just divine. 

2. Beauty at Home: Aerin Lauder. I adore this women! I recently got to have a look at this book and have a chat with the SA about it and I instantly loved it. 

3. The trouble with Kendra Scott's earrings is which ones to pick? The shades are endless and oh so pretty. I have my eyes set on the Danielle in Rose Quartz and the Alexandra in Chalcedony.

4. Now that I'm running dangerously low on my current Voluspa I set my eyes on some new ones. The Maison Jardin collection is fantastic. This one, Amaranth and Jasmine, is my favorite out of the bunch. 

5.When I spent a short while in Milan I noted that it's been the only country I visited where every restaurant provided me with a purse hook, for God forbid one puts her bag on the floor. Kidding aside it got me thinking that I should start carrying one. Trouble is all the ones I found online seemed to be, well, atrocious looking. If you're investing in a purse might as well get a pretty hook. After trying to hunt down a nice one it came as no surprise that the only one I liked was made by one of my all time favorites brands, Alessi. The Minou is smaller than one imagines and fits neatly in any purse. Also available is the Jumbo. And don't let the latter's name fool you. It's a practical small size too. 

6. The latest Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation has been released just a short while ago. I'm almost out of my trusted Sheer Glow which I've repurchased several times and the hype about this foundation got me thinking I should try this one next. And the pump is a plus...Maybe this will be my next HG, no?

7. Dresses in general. This one, by French Connection caught my eye. I love the brand, the print and the fit as well as the fact that it can be dressed both up or down. 

8. The Sarah in Vernis had originally caught my eye years ago, but now it's been released in this colour, Griotte, the radar's beeping again. Gorgeous!

9. Seriously, this print is everything. If I were to be a print, this would be me. This is the Dolce & Gabbana Escape bag is perfection.
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