Products I've used up- April Edition

I was away for a while last month and when I got back home I was really sick so the items I used up during April are mainly scents.

1. Ecoya diffuser in Lotus Flower This was the first diffuser we got for this apartment shortly after we arrived in Geneva and started to settle in. Up till this month there was still  a third of the bottle left, for I didn't really use this up but rather knocked it over and broke the jar. The only positive thing to this is that the house smelled even more wonderful for a whole day. I loved this scent and even though this wasn't cheap it takes months before it gets used all up. 

2. The Body Shop Lychee Blossom Shower Gel. Loved this scent, it was perfect for Spring. If I do see it in store again I would certainly pick it up again.

3. Korres Shower Gel in Jasmine. I've gone through several bottles of Korres shower gels throughout the years, in particular, this scent has always been one of my favorites. It smells lovely and lathers up nicely too. 

4. Yankee Candle Lavender. I like lavender in general so I was keen to pick this one up. The scent wasn't as enveloping and relaxing as I was expecting though. At times I would get a kind of detergent smell. I remember I did love Yankee's Lemon and Lavender though. 

5. Yankee Candle tarts & samplers in : 

Sweet Strawberries. Although I'm not keen on sweet scents this was quite a pleasure to burn. I wouldn't buy a jar in this scent though as it would be too much for me. 
 Baby powder. While I normally like the smell of talc the scent in candle form was way overboard for me and was looking forward to use it all up. 

Berrylicious. One of the newer collections. I quite liked burning this in the kitchen. It was sweet but not overly sweet. 

Midsummer's night. This one's heavy and not something I normally go for. It reminded me of men's cologne. I did enjoy it though as it made a great change from my usual floral scents. 

6. Historiae- Hameau de la Reine (Marie Antoinette). The concept put forward by this brand is to recreate scents based on particular places and periods in history. Concepts as such get me intrigued. The diffuser I picked up was supposed to be based on what Marie Antoinette's settlement in Versailles would have smelled like. The scent is floral yet musky and slightly woody. I truly enjoyed this one, even more so when I decided to remove it from the living and place it on my nightstand instead. I'd turn in bed and catch a whiff of the scent and it made me content. I'd definitely look into this brand. 

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