Chapped lips? Sorted! The Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balms

My knuckles and my lips are the first to go when Winter hits. As I spent my first winter here in Geneva, at times in below 0 zero temperatures I've finally settled on just one lipbalm, the one that I could rely on. 

I won't beat around the bush. It's the Nuxe Reve de Miel. But hold on...

You probably already heard raves about this lip balm as months ago this was doing the rounds on Youtube and its popularity soared. I had been using this before it went somewhat viral but it still didn't make the cut 100% for me. Here's why. It's a thick balm, great for really chapped and dry lips but to me it felt as if it was a heavy treatment rather than just a balm I could use all day long or under lipsticks. So I used it before bed. I'd wake up to a somewhat nasty taste but hey at least my lips would be fine. I would have been happy using it as such, but I wasn't sold and that's because of the way it's been packaged. Picture this. I'm in bed ready to call it a day, ready to put on this lipbalm that's sitting on my nightstand and have to use my fingers to get this lipbalm. People with long nails might relate. Heck, I'm ready for bed, why is this in a tub form? So I gave up and used it around once a week when I was doing facial treatments. 
However things changed when I was grocery shopping in Carrefour. I ventured in the beauty section, as you do, and actually found the same lip balm by Nuxe in lipstick form. It came in a set of two and originally I thought I'd be holding one as a backup if I end up liking it. Well, I actually now use both. One sits on my nightstand while the other sits on my bathroom shelf. Why doesn't this one get as much love as the one in the tub? It's hands down my favorite. It's nourishing and feels silky on the lips and is not as thick as the one the tub. I find myself using this more often during the day than I would when using the tub, just because the formula is really smooth and light while it still provides soft and hydrated lips. The form makes it easier to use both at home and when out and about. 
Apart from the result and the ease of use of this product, the price point is great as well. The efficacy of this product is getting me interested in the brand and I can't wait to hit the counter to try out more products. 

The Reve de Miel range is produced with honey and sunflower and I find the smell really soothing.

Both products mentioned are available on FeelUnique. The brand is on offer at the moment- Buy 3 products, pay for two!

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