Travel: Lucerne, Switzerland

I recently had the opportunity to spend a day in Lucerne, a 2 hours, 45 minutes train ride north east of Geneva.

On board the modern SBB train

Sights to Visit

The Lion Monument

Dubbed by Mark Twain as the 'saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world' .

Kapellbrucke- Chapel Bridgeand the Water Tower

A 14th Century bridge over the river Reuss. 

Museum Sammlung Rosengart 

Angela Rosengart's collection, housing works by Picasso, Cezanne, Klee, Monet, Matisse and Seurat among others.

Richard Wagner Musuem

Getting there on foot from the centre was no easy feat but it was worth the trip. Wagner lived in Tribschen for six years. The views are magnificent.

Places to Eat

We had lunch at Brasserie Flora. Food was good. As with the norm in Switzerland, portions are smaller than we are normally accustomed to and higher in price than what one expects.

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There are several other museums and activities to do such as cliff walks or snow-tubing if you're feeling adventurous.

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Niche Perfumes

Our preferences in fragrance develop over the years, shaped by our own experiences, our memories and a maturity in taste. Ever since I was introduced to niche perfume brands my taste in perfumes refined drastically. How so?
Niche perfumes are different than the more commercial/designer fragrances we easily find in any given perfumery. Mainstream perfumes are generally popular and well know by most people and a result the actual scent is quite mainstream. Designer perfumes are in fact marketed to appeal to most of the public. Niche perfume brands invest more in the actual makeup of the perfume's components which leads to higher costs which is reflected in the perfume's price tag.
A number of brands such as Hermes and Guerlain seem to overlap in these two categories but I'll leave that to the number of online debates on the subject.
Niche scents are truly particular and I would never recommend buying a perfume blindly.
Price points vary from brand to brand. 

In Malta, niche perfumes are quite tricky to find, but they can be obtained online through websites such as Escentual
In Geneva, niche perfumes are more accessible and can be found in most department stores such and Douglas, Bongenie and Globus.

 These are some on my wishlist;

Terry De Gunzburg- Reve Opulent

Serge Lutens- Gris Clair

Siwa Memo for women
Memo- Siwa

By Kilian- Good Girl Gone Bad

Diptyque- Tam Dao

Un Jardin Sur Le Toit Hermes for women and men
Hermes- Un jardin sur le toit

White Jasmine & Mint Jo Malone for women and men
Jo Malone- White Jasmine &Mint

Acqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile Acqua di Parma for women
Acqua di Parma- Gelsomino Nobile

If you are not familiar with Fragrantica, I suggest you have a look at this perfume encyclopedia, helpful especially if buying blindly online as you can identify the notes you like and similar perfumes to the ones you already enjoy.

Pictures obtained through google and fragrantica.
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