The Weekly Round up

It's been a while since I last did a weekly round up of my latest favorites but that doesn't mean that they haven't been piling in. 

1. With the latest release of Gilmour Girls: A Year in the life and the subsequent inundating PR, I felt compelled to start watching the Gilmour Girls series from the very beginning and have so far been really enjoying 'bing-ing' over the occurrences in Stars Hollow.

2. The Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie was at one point earlier in my life my favorite holiday scent so I made sure to have enough of it to last me half my lifetime. Despite hoarding in, my calculations seem to have been abysmal as the stash is coming to an end. Although this one can get overwhelming at one point its always a favorite of mine to burn during the festive season.
3. On a lyrical note, who doesn't like Katie Melua? She has recently released the new album aptly titled In Winter, and while it is diverse from her previous albums this is perfectly soothing for the holidays.

4. Illustrator Inslee Farris, in collaboration with the Neely and Chloe has recently launched a range of agendas. While the most favored one, the gray has been selling like roasted chestnuts on a cold day other shades are still available here. While I personally would have loved to acquire this agenda, I'm always partial to a filofax and sadly the inserts aren't available on their own. Next year, perhaps?

5. Caudalie has launched a range of gift sets for Christmas and I've been loving the sets they've released. The gift sets contain a full sized product but you pretty much just pay for that and get the other contents in the set for free. Considering that most of these sets contain some of the brands' cult products this is a bargain to stock up on if you use them in your daily regime, or if not, it's simply a great way to try out new products.

6. Following Mindfulness, Hygge seems to be the current fad in terms of lifestyle. This book is filled with pictures to serve as a visual aid to enable you to foster hygge. I loved and nurtured a hygge lifestyle (to an extent) prior to being introduced to the book but this has been nonetheless enjoyable. There are several books available introducing this topic. If you're curious about the hygge way and how to achieve it daily, flipping through this book by Meik Wiking might just about help. 
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The Cozy Edit- Festive Sleepwear Picks

With the temperature rapidly dropping and the holidays in sight, cutesy home wear becomes a must. Or at least that's my excuse.  I love comfortable (and animal themed) sleepwear and as I mentioned in a recent favorites post, I've been loving Etam's selection the most this year. With myriads of penguins, deer and seals motifs how could I not? It seems that each time I visit I can never come out empty handed. I've only visited the store for the first time very recently and don't think I'll be over the brand any time soon. Some items make for cute and non expensive stocking fillers or secret santa gifts. These have been my picks so far and I have been truly enjoying everything. 

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The Weekly Round up

Voluspa Chestnut and Vetiver

This is such a great scent for fall. It is somewhat reminiscent of Christmas, but is not festive enough to list this is a scent I'd exclusively burn during the holidays.

Advent Calendars

The calendars are out! Amidst the endless choice of beauty, chocolate and novelty ones I finally made up my mind and got ones I love. More on that later!

Show: The Crown

This new drama has just been released on Netflix and I'm hooked. If you like the Royal Family you will undoubtedly enjoy this one. The biopic recounts Queen Elizabeth's accession to the throne. Claire Foy, playing Queen Elizabeth is somewhat of a dark horse. The attention to detail ranging from speech to mannerism is terrific. A fantastic show from every standpoint be it the performance, the cinematography and the score- it's by no one other than Hans Zimmer. 

Book: The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman's Guide

I follow Shannon's blog on a regular basis and considering I enjoy it so much I recently purchased her book, one pertaining to a genre I tend to gravitate towards. If you love or at least are curious about the French approach to daily living this one should be on your list. Shannon Ables explores ways to achieve contentment in life, a life where quality is supreme. She covers several aspects from hosting, to personal style, decor and travelling. Definitely an enjoyable read. 

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet

Now that the temperature is dropping I decided to switch up my moisturizer. I have combination skin and it gets dehydrated especially at this time of the year. I've been using the Caudalie vinosource moisturizing sorbet for the past week as part of my morning routine and so far it's been working wonders. The gel consistency makes it feel rather cooling and quite light on the skin. It's easily absorbed too and the skin just feels plump and smooth afterwards. 

Nespresso Festive Editions- Sachertorte

Nespresso have recently launched their festive editions including 3 different variations, namely Sachertorte, Apfelstrudel and Linzertorte. Sachertorte has to be my favorite out of the bunch, but then again I'm always partial to a piece of Sachertorte. The chocolate taste just hits the perfect balance. 

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